Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BART SFO Route to the rescue again!

I can't say enough good things about the option to ride BART to SFO! I've said it many times here but here I go yet again! This past weekend was an extremely busy weekend with family and friends visiting but because they are able to easily take BART to the airport, it has made our life easier! Especially now, with the direct routes from Pittsburg/Baypoint to SFO, my family no longer worry about transfer points. I supply them with the ticket, and off they go! They love that we skip the Bay Bridge traffic, the 101 traffic, and the airport local traffic. They love the fact that BART brings them right into the airport quickly and easily.

It's a great option to have!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I completely agree! Thankfully BART (and the politicians) saw the light and made the change back to the Pittsburg/Bay Point line going back to the airport, rather than the Dublin line.

While transferring is not difficult, telling an out of towner to get off at the airport is easier than getting off at Balboa or another station with luggage and wait for an airport train.