Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I need to learn to slow down!

I've always been a fast mover, and that includes how I move within and around BART stations and trains. I always walk up and down the escalators, I always have my ticket in hand when I exit/enter, and I move at a very quick pace and do whatever possible to avoid wasting even a second since a second could mean missing the company transfer shuttle!

Yes, I know, I sound like nut case, but that's just how I've always been with BART. However, now being 32 weeks pregnant, I have not slowed down, until I learned a tough lesson today!

With time to spare today, I really should have calmly rode up the escalator on the right side to let my body rest, but of course, being the eager beaver that I am, I wanted to get up on the platform faster so I can get a good place in line to hopefully secure a seat on the train. So, I walked (or more like jogged) up the escalators quickly. Until...I totally fell hard! It was not a pretty sight. I didn't slip down the escalators but I was on my knees and took me awhile to get back standing with my big belly and all. My body shook...took me a little while to recover.

I learned my lesson. I need to slow down for the safety of my child! I really should not be moving so fast anymore because frankly, I am not the same person that I used to be, at least not physically. How scary!

On a separate and more positive note, I am glad football is back...both NFL and college. It's been depressing forcing myself to count the few positives to the dismal Giants' season, but now we at least have other teams to keep us preoccupied, although we still need to restrain our expectations with those teams too. I am a 49ers fan but as for my college team, I'll keep that under wraps since I may just upset some of you Cal/Stanford fans. :)


JFH said...

Sorry to hear that you fell.

I hope someone helped you get up.


Anonymous said...

Lesson learned? Hopefully there will be no lingering effects. I am the same way around BART stations. I pass Bay Point on my way to N. Concord and see my train and know how much time I have to find a spot and park in order to make that train.

As for football...just means event trains on Saturday and Sunday, crowded platforms at Coliseum and Berkeley. A little alcohol goes a long way and people in crowds are stupid.

Guess I can put my two cents in for the Chargers to have a great year. But for me, real football started a few weeks ago in Europe.

dndgirl said...

Please! Be very careful!

Anonymous said...

A check up is in order!

Kim said...

I did the same in my last pregnancy. I was in a rush and fell up the escalator in the Embarcadero Station. Everyone around helped me out. I had some nasty bruises on my shins and hands. Be careful! And in the end.... what is a few minutes in the whole scheme of things? Take care! I'm just in my own 13th week of 2nd one. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I can't fathom why you're rushing to get a seat on BART... YOU'RE PREGNANT! Stand in front of any of the ADA seats and say 'I'm pregnant, can someone please give me a seat?' ... you will have no problem!