Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rude people everywhere today

Where should I even begin? First, as I walked from the parking lot towards the platform, a women stops her car in the middle of the street to drop someone off, almost running me over along the way. Even worse, she stopped yet again 5 feet down to call back the dropped off passenger to chat some more leaving a string of cars waiting behind her.

The second rude incident was inside the train. I nicely said, excuse me, thanks, as I squeezed myself to a window seat. The man on the aisle seat was shaking his head, sighing again and again and looking annoyed when I said excuse me, as if he owned the 2 seater. He had an iced coffee and kept on slurping it over and over even when nothing was left. And I'm the annoying one??

Then, saw a similar situation not too far from me where the aisle passenger made a huge deal about the window passenger needing to exit at 12th street. NOTE: If you want to take the aisle seat, then be prepared to make room for people to enter or exit the row!!! URGH!

Something must be in the air because I saw 2 homeless people fighting over a portable cart. The screaming match was ugly.

I left my iPhone at home today and had no magazines with me. I had plenty of time to observe behavior!


Anonymous said...

What we see on BART reflects what exists in the general population ... people are just getting dumber and more rude, and they don't even seem to have a clue of how plain stupid they are. Perhaps worse, they don't seem to care that they might be doing and looking stupid. It is just simply amazing. Survival of the fittest is a failure when, as just one example, morons who ought to be run over just crossing the street survive an accident and are actually saved by modern medical science.

Angela said...

Couldn't agree more with this post and the comment! It's gotten to the point where I just expect everyone on the street, or in service jobs, to be rude and incompetent, and so then I am pleasantly surprised when I come across someone who is courteous and has common sense. As my mother would say, this world is going to hell in a handbasket!

Anonymous said...

Today I was leaving the grocery store in a pretty nice neighborhood and as I proceeded to my car with my shopping cart. While doing so, a Porche car began to reverse out. I swerved my shopping basket (quite a distance from his car) and continued walking to my car. The man reversing his car rolled his window down and shouted out the window at me ' hey lady did you not see me backing out'? I didn't expect his rude approach with me and said back "Los Angeles can do without rude people like you". He called me a bitch and drove right past me. I was left feeling upset that we have people in society than cannot speak nicely to each other especially in public. I always take the higher road but it saddens me greatly that we have people like this in society. Regardless of the fact that maybe I could have waited, a person's approach is very important with how people react to you. That goes for me too, so choose your words wisely..