Tuesday, January 05, 2010

iBART LIVE iPhone app: Expensive but cool

If you're willing to fork out $4 for up to the second tracking of train arrivals, iBART LIVE is worth the investment. I've had iBART (the free version) for quite some time and found it very helpful, however, to find out about delays, I needed to open up the "advisories" notification and read about them.

Well, with iBART LIVE, you will have the same info as the scrolling ticker that we see on the platform right on your iPhone. Very convenient for someone like me who does not have the patience to wait around on the platform for delayed trains...I do wait, but you'll read about it for sure here or on Twitter!

Why $4 though?? That's a bit much for an iPhone app in my opinion. Can someone explain?


Erik said...

Does it do anything that Routsey doesn't?

There is also the alternative of looking up at the signs. :-)

Dan Berkes said...

I guess that's the price he feels is right for his time and effort. :)

I think it's adapted from freely available source at http://www.bart.gov/schedules/developers/displays.aspx, so I guess you could roll your own version on a website, if you wanted. As you might be able to see (I didn't look too hard there) the iPhone guy's version is a lot more user friendly.

SongMonk said...

I don't like paying for iPhone apps either, but if you use it enough and like it, it's totally worth it. It's like one cappuccino or whatever! :-)

bartmusings said...

I know you can look on the website or up at the sign but I'm talking about when I'm in the garage or in the daycare parking area, wanting to know how much time I have exactly before the next train. Every minute counts when you're a working mom :) !!