Monday, January 11, 2010

Pants Liberation Front - No Pants 2010 Project?

I guess if there's any place to do it, it's in the Bay Area. Those in support of Improv Everywhere, a NYC based performing arts group, paraded free of pants while riding BART yesterday. Call me whatever you wish but I find stunts like this extremely inappropriate. If they want to show their support in public by not wearing pants, do it in a plaza, like at Embarcadero or Union Square where people have the choice to walk another direction, but not on the trains where space is already a premium, where there are little ones around, and fellow passengers are forced to be within inches of you.

Carolyn Jones of Chronicle reports
: "Some wore frayed cotton boxers, others opted for pink satin thongs, and a few forewent underwear entirely."

It's ridiculous. Thank goodness it didn't happen today.


Anonymous said...

Improv Everywhere, not Improve Everywhere.

Whether or not you're personally interested in being around people not wearing pants, I think it's a great thing that we CAN do such a thing in this country.

What's more, I'm glad there are enough people out there with a sense of humor about such things to organize such a stunt. Society can't afford to take itself too seriously.

bartmusings said...

Innocent typo-- corrected. I do agree it's a great thing that we can do this type of stuff in our country. I just don't find it particularly amusing...just one woman's opinion.

BARTSurfer said...

I think this is awesome! No need to be so conventional all the time.