Thursday, August 09, 2012

Question: Would you rather sit next to a homeless or stand?

This question has been on my mind for a couple days now. Call me weird, but I prefer to stand, even when exhausted and jam-packed in a tight train, than to sit next to a homeless man. This has happened a few times. You spot an empty seat, but see people standing around it, you think you've won the lottery by getting a seat, only to see just WHY it was empty! Let me clarify, the homeless man smelled heavily of alcohol and human waste. The seat was left empty for 3 stops, then a woman bravely took it. The homeless man stretched his arms open and hit her in the face. She cringed but remained seated. What would you do?? Take the empty seat next to the homeless man or stand? **This marks BART Musings' 600th post!! Thanks everyone for sticking with me and hearing my rants!


Anonymous said...

I would stand, and most probably even try and change cars... The smell + train motion = big time nauseating.

Anonymous said...

People, please...You honestly have nothing to prove by sitting... unless you're really tired or injured. Week before last, on a busy AM SFAirport train, my friend bravely took an aisle seat next to a sleeping homeless guy who suddenly woke-up and projectile-vomited all over the window. Missed him by that much. Don't know what happened to the poor guy in the seat in front of that window. Anyway, this is a for sure +1 for those new hose-out style cars.