Friday, August 17, 2012

Bikes on BART today! Did you mind it?

If you didn't know, BART has been testing public reaction to a pilot that allows bikes on trains. A few thoughts I have there:

First, while I know why they are doing it Friday, it significantly skews results because Fridays are light for bikers and non-bikers. I haven't seen a single bike today so of course my reaction negative impact, totally OK.

Second, it's rarely the actual bike (well, sometimes) that passengers can't stand. It's the biker and how he or she handles the bicycle in the train. Some know to line it to the side as quickly as possible or just not enter when it is packed to the door, others feel they have the right of way and will jam on your feet to get themselves positioned.

So, don't forget to share you feedback today but incorporate your reaction to train conditions on any other days when you share the train with bikes, and not just today, a light happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!!

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