Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to BART

If you don't know already from all the signs decorating the stations, this is BART's 40th year. I am still deciding if that's something worth celebrating or that's confirming that BART is long overdue for a makeover and upgrade. 40 years of wear on the tracks; 40 years of stains and spills on the seats and carpet; and 40 years of skin tissues and dander on the cushions, among other things. But the truth of it is, we are all better off because we have BART as a commute option. (No, no one paid me to say this.) I recently had to drive to San Carlos for work from Orinda and the 3 hours roundtrip gave me plenty of time to think through all the benefits BART brings to commuters. Not only does BART save time, it's probably saved plenty of hairs on my head as well, since I am not constantly tugging at it due to traffic frustrations! So, for the moment, all criticisms aside, Happy 40th anniversary, BART!

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