Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Responses I get when I ask for a seat...while VERY pregnant

Pregnancy is certainly not an excuse for the long hiatus I've taken from updating this blog.  But nevertheless, I am 9 months pregnant now and ready to not be anymore.

I really didn't start showing until past 7 months and felt fine standing even in the most crowded conditions.  However, the last 4 weeks have been tougher and there really isn't a doubt that sitting is safer than bumping left and right on a brake-happy train.

I find it easier to ask on behalf of other people in need of a seat than for myself.  It's a little different for me, not sure why.  I try to avoid it if I feel physically strong for the day but there are times when I feel completely worn out and in need of resting my numb legs after a long day.

You'd be surprised the type of responses I get.  Here are a few examples for your amusement, and mind you, mostly from men:

1) You're pregnant? You don't look big enough to be?
2) Don't cover yourself with a jacket, how am I supposed to know you're pregnant?
3) Yeah, yeah, just take it, I'm getting off at the next stop anyways
4) Sigh...ugh....let me finish up an email

To be fair 90% of the time, there is someone who voluntarily offers his/her seat.  And they do it very willingly and politely.

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