Thursday, March 13, 2014

On the rise? Jumping onto the BART tracks

According to SF Weekly, there are about 100 attempted suicides related to BART tracks each year.  On Tuesday, March 11th, there was another one-- this time at Balboa Park station where someone jumped in and  was stuck under the train.  This caused massive delays systemwide, trapping many commuters on the platforms and preventing more from even entering the stations.  It took my husband more than 90 minutes to get home.  On top of this BART mess, there was also a big fire at Mission Bay/SOMA, causing traffic jams, MUNI delays, etc.  It was definitely one of the worst commuting days in the Bay Area and a great evening to stay late at work or go dine in a nice SF restaurant somewhere instead of heading home!

I don't have the numbers handy but it seems like so far this year, there have been more frequent suicide attempts.  This sounds awful but aren't there more effective ways to take your own life?  Or we people all motivated by House of Cards, watching how Frank Underwood got rid of his Zoe Barnes problem?

When I'm caught in a delay and I hear that it's a suicide attempt, I am a bit more understanding but know that I won't be getting home for a long time.  When I hear that it's due to a broken door (caused by selfish passengers who hold the door opens as they close automatically), I am not so understanding and I get pissed.  When I hear it's a medical emergency, which usually isn't a real emergency, but it causes at least a 20 minute delay because they have to treat the patient INSIDE the train, I am annoyed.
Whatever the cause of delay is...rain, train track problems, earlier back-up....BART generally is off schedule during prime commute hours.  Sometimes by a couple minutes and sometimes by 8+ minutes. We are more or less used to it and don't expect on time arrival consistently.  But if you want to know why BART riders are so miserable and grumpy and anti-social?  That's why.

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