Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcomed back by the smell of urine at Montgomery

I've been on maternity leave for about 4 months and returned to work this week. One of the best things about being on leave is that I have not touched or smelled BART the entire time.  So far, BART has been fairly on time with no medical emergencies, train door issues, technical problems, etc, and even the trains have been kept fairly clean!  Well, that is until I stepped out of the train and onto the steps of the Montgomery station.

POOF!  The overpowering scent of urine welcomed me back to work! I read on SFGate that the city is cutting back on water use, therefore, decreasing street cleaning efforts in early mornings.  I am feeling (I mean, smelling) the impact of that policy but heck, we need to conserve water right??  Suddenly it seemed very very real-- I am back to the grind and back to holding my breath for 30 seconds until I get into my building!  Thank goodness I work just steps away from the station!!

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