Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drove the past couple of days

I've had to drive the past couple of days due to terrible BART delays. Like I mentioned before, I take BART to connect to a company shuttle that comes every 15 minutes. But there is a 30 minute gap around 9am, so if I miss that shuttle pick-up, I am stuck there for half an hour unless I taxi.

So, yesterday, I had a morning meeting, with an already late start, I decided to drive and not deal the gambles of a BART delay. I made the right choice- since I saw people on my usual 8:34 train standing out there past 8:38am as I zipped by the station on the freeway.

Today, I actually got to the station, saw that the next train is coming in 20 minutes!!!! I walked back to the parking lot and drove instead. As it turns out, a East Bay train caught on fire and caused massive delays all around. Thank goodness I made the decision to drive, although I had to pay for daily parking, bridge tolls, and gas :(

The traffic was horrible!!! Still, it was nice to get a break from BART. So relaxing to sit in my own car, listen to the radio, and not be fearful of germs.


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