Monday, October 10, 2005

Please don't woo on BART!

I had to endure a disgusting phone conversation on BART this morning. This man was talking to his girlfriend or new sweetheart on his cellphone, and was so stupidly infatuated that he did not care that the whole train was sickened by his converstation.

"I love you baby, you are so beautiful", "No, you are more sexy", "I miss you so much", "I miss your smell", "I love how your hair looks at night", "You are gorgeous..I can't stop thinking about you", "I can't wait to see you", "You are the most sexy thing"....on and on and on....

All of us are just rolling our eyes and waiting to barf. Have some discretion!!! Can't you save these conversations when you're in the office? or somewhere private? They didn't talk about anything meaningful- the whole 15 minutes before we went underground (where he lost reception, FINALLY!) consisted of his wooing.

Just not fun for the rest of us to listen to but I guess love makes you a fool.

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