Monday, October 03, 2005

Is half a seat better than none?

Today's BART ride was relatively smooth....well, by that I mean, it was on-time. I managed to get the last seat on the train today-- which is always VERY gratifying! It's a good feeling when my speed-walking pays off. Imagine if I had NOT done that...I would not have been the first passenger in front of the door, and would not have gotten that one seat left! Actually, I should say half a seat. I ended up seating in the half seat next to a woman who took up 1.5 seats. Not to be mean, but this poor woman was trying her darn hardest to stay within 1.5 seats instead of taking up 1.75. I fit fine in the half a seat, but I could see her struggling, pulling herself away from me. I was stuck in a predicament! If I get up and let her have the seat, she will think that her size is inconveniencing me. If I don't, I will be glued (literally) arm by arm with her. I felt the sweat, the body heat permeating from her. My legs were crossed, my body pushing as far to the left as possible, but like a gel, her body started to form against mine. We were both very awkwardly positioned. We were in this predicament for about 10 minutes. This was getting bad....I was about to think of a polite way to get out that half seat.

Suddenly, she got up, and said, "this is my stop." I smiled to her, and felt a huge sense of relief inside. I was glad that I stuck through the 10 minutes of discomfort. I'm glad I didn't make her feel worse by making a scene to pull myself out of there.

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