Thursday, October 06, 2005

No "bless you's" on BART

I have a bad cold today. I was one of those passengers that I would normally hold my breath next to, fan my magazine in front of, or turn away from, to try to avoid contracting their cold.

I was sniffling, sneezing, coughing and dripping all over my nose today and I could tell people were really disgusted. I felt like shit. I didn't even have Kleenex with me, so I had to sniff in whatever was dripping out to avoid major flooding underneath my nose. People were staring at me with "the look" that I usually give other sick passengers. I deserve every dirty look. All of them will probably get sick by tonight just because they were next to me.

I sneezed about 10 times during the ride and it's funny that everywhere else you are (in the office, home, stores, restaurants) people go out of their way to say "bless you." But, not on BART! I've never said bless you once to anyone sneezing on the train, and I don't expect anyone to say that to me. People just want to be left alone on BART- don't speak to me, don't touch me, and don't annoy me!

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