Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The right to read in peace

I've been driving to work a couple times a week for the past 2 weeks since I seem to be running late everyday. Driving has been miserable. Took me over 1 hour yesterday to get to work.

I finally took BART today, and it wasn't too bad of a ride. It was raining, so I knew traffic would be miserable. The train, surprisingly, was not crowded nor foggy (which is usually the case on exceptionally cold days..and it's so gross to step into a fogged up train.) However, I do have one huge gripe...people who read over your shoulder!

There are always people who don't seem to bring their own reading material, and instead, they like to pry into other people's business. I've had a man once who stretched his head over to see what I was listening to on my IPOD. I had Usher's "Yeah!" on at the time, and he looked and nodded his head. I felt like my privacy was infringed upon! What is I was listening to something more personal like some self-help or self-discovery tape?

This other time, I was reading US WEEKLY, and some woman decides to read along with me. I was in a seat, while she was standing up next to me. I didn't know for the longest time that she was looking until she mumbled.."oh my god, I didn't know that." I looked up at her...gave her an annoyed stare and folded my magazine up so she can't read it with me. If she wants to read it without my knowing, FINE, just don't volunteer the commentary!

Anyhow, today, I was reading my Treo and I felt someone's breath on me. I was seated while this man was standing. He was reading my emails and text messages!!!! I had to put the Treo away after I found. With my only form of "entertainment" today taken away, I had to endure a very boring ride to work of doing nothing except staring into space.

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rafael said...


I'm guilty of looking over people's shoulders too. I stopped the day I got my pocket pc though