Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Talk about air "pollution"

Very bad ride home today. The train was overcrowded, the air ventilation was poor, the train was so warm....but to make things worse, some man was eating McDonald's on the train!!! No eating or drinking on train, that's the rule. 95% of riders abide by the rule, but there are always a few that sneak Chinese take-out in, pizza, or some form of fast food.

Normally, I love McDonald's too...especially the fries. But it is absolutely NASTY smelling on Bart. With the poor air ventilaton and mix of bad breath and body odors on the train already, this man's Quarter Pounder and fries with BBQ sauce, just stunk up the train even more. The air was unbearable. Fanning (my usual technique against bad odors) doesn't even help. I had to pop out my raspberry lotion and dab it all around my nose and neck to try to cover up the foul mixture of scents.

Awful. Why do people not abide by the rules? I feel like bringing in a coffee and sausage McMuffin too in the mornings, but I don't because I don't want to stink up the train, leave crumbs, or spill coffee all over the passenger next to me. I wish others would be more considerate.


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