Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Get a room, please!

Before I get into my BART experience today, I'd like to point out that this is not a matter of heterosexual PDA (public display of affections) or homosexual PDA. It just is unacceptable and inconsiderate to subject your surrounding passengers to excessive physical displays of love.

Today, in a delayed, overly-crowded train, I was standing uncomfortably between a mass of people, and just happened to be situated in front of a gay couple seated in the designated senior/handicapped seats. Cool, happy couple, I thought, nice to see that love exists, even on BART. That is until they started rubbing and stroking each other's thighs up and down, and then massaging each other's necks and making all sorts of sounds!! At every stop, they go into massive make-out sessions, making the rest of us standing literally 5 inches away from them extremely uncomfortable. Finally, one of them had arrived at his stop I guess, and they gave each other a long passionate good-bye kiss. Suddenly, the recorded train message announced, "stand clear of the doors". The guy ran out frantically, wiping his mouth, while his boyfriend, yelled, "I love you! I'll call you tonight!"

I am all for love, but I can't stand it when couples have to act out their love in a confined, crowded space like a rush-hour BART train!!

I once cringed the whole trip because a girl was seated on top of her boyfriend (straddling), and making out in front of everybody. It was sick, inconsiderate, and classless. Not to mention they left one seat unused but yet unusable!

I see couples who commute together on BART all the time. Usually, they sit (or stand) together, maybe hold hands, and give each other a quick good-bye peck when they part. I appreciate it when couples are discrete. I mean, keep your PDA at home!

A couple side notes:
* Embarcadero escalators are STILL broken!!!
* Rain has finally stopped, but BART trains are still delayed! So I guess they can't blame rain now...what can they blame the delays on?

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