Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A not-so-pleasant view from the train

I didn't bring any reading materials today and finished going through my Blackberry early, so I decided to look out the window, relax, and enjoy the view! What I saw today was absolutely appalling!! Don't get me wrong, the Bay Area is beautiful! I think SF is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!! The bay view on a sunny day will make any one smile and feel grateful that they live here. But, there is no view of the Bay from BART. The trains travel underneath groundlevel 50% of the time on the East Bay to SF routes. was rainy's been raining nonstop since February. Looking outside the window, I saw a homeless man, with his pants down, rear-end bearing, squatting, taking a #2 underneath the freeway, right before we go underground to the Oakland 19th Street BART exit. Thankfully I didn't actually see whether anything has come out yet, and I fear for the passengers in the train cart behind mine because if they are looking outside the window, they will no doubt be seeing something coming from this man.

I always see homeless people sleeping in that area, but this is the first time I saw one "going to the bathroom." I guess they must relieve themselves somewhere!

A shocking view for me. I think I should stick with reading magazines or books from now on. The view from BART just isn't that pleasant.

Update on the Embarcadero escalator status- it's STILL broken. It's been broken for 2 weeks now.

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