Thursday, April 20, 2006

Skunk onboard

A passenger this morning must have stepped on some skunk roadkill or had just been sprayed by a skunk because that entire section of the train (sadly, my section) smelled like a skunk! It was unbearable. Not even breathing underneath my magazine helped. The scent seemed to have permeated through the cloth on the seats and the cannot escape it. After I got off, I was very concerned that it was on my clothes. I couldn't tell though, after sniffing my coat and sweater multiple times. So far, no one has told me I smell like a skunk, so I guess I'm OK for now.

On a different matter, I found out from a friend who has family members working for BART that BART employees are quite well paid (that I've known or at least suspected). He has an aunt and uncle who worked as front-office staff and were paid very handsomely. However, he also told me that he had a cousin who worked for BART for a brief time (got the job because of the family connection.) He worked as the person who took out change from the ticket/change dispensers. My friend said his cousin got paid $25-$30 an hour...and that was like 5 years ago!!! I have not personally verified these numbers but assuming this is all true, why must we pay $25-$30 an hour (5 years ago, so today probably over $35) to a change attendee?! I've only heard rumors about the train operators' wages and the station agents' wages and how high they are....but knowing this hourly wage, I can only imagine theirs to be quadrupled this pay rate, if not more.

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