Friday, June 30, 2006

Hanging dry cleaning on BART

Reader Rafael emailed me about this and yes, I definitely have seen people who hang their dry-cleaning stack on BART train's overhead safety railing. People with dry-cleaned suits, coats and sweaters, just letting them all hang on the bars, swinging back and forth to the jerking of the train.

They don't care that their dry-cleaning is sweeping the heads of seated passengers, or that the squeeching of the metal hangers against the metal safety railing drives some of us insane! Even worse, when I'm already in a bad mood and standing in a very crowded (and sometimes warm) train, I cannot tolerate the feeling of dry-cleaning plastic covering sticking to my face and arms. The longer the dry-cleaning hangs up there, the farther apart they spread....before you realize, the suit is 3 feet from the shirts. And yet, they do nothing!

How hard is it to just hold the dry-cleaning? Or fold it in half and hold it under your arm? It's heavy, sure, and I understand the metal hangers can hurt your fingers after awhile. In that case, just do your dry-cleaning near home and pick up on weekends! Don't let the rest of us suffer!


Anonymous said...

so they do nothing and you do .....nothing. lemme guess, they're in a seat reading, working a crossword, watching a movie, playing solitare. if the person isn't watching their clothes or you, then slide them somewhere else if it's bothering you. or slide it off of the rail, when they stand to pick it up, there's a free seat, steal it and see if they get pissed and what they do.

Josh said...

I feel lucky that I haven't encountered the boors who do this yet, although I think perhaps this is the only episode of inconsideration I have not seen.

It was a nice compensation to have the parking lot and train so empty today, since I felt like one of the only suckers who actually didn't take the day off...