Tuesday, June 13, 2006

when a bad day turns into a very bad day

I got up earlier this mornig to catch an earlier train because I have an important meeting at 9am where my boss and other important folks will be attending. As soon as I got on the train, I heard the announcement that there are significant delays en route to SF. It's ok, I thought to myself, I got on early so there is plenty of time to spare. But of course, late becomes very late, and by the time I got to Civic Center station, I had 30 seconds until the shuttle pick up time, in order to make it to the office BEFORE 9am. I ran like mad! I purposely wore flats today for this purpose. I sprinted up 3 flihgts of stairs only to see the shuttle over 200 yards away from the pick-up area. I missed it!

By this time, I realized that I will have to be a few minutes late to the meeting. I stop by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. Well, of course, I spill the coffee on my sleeves, and drop contents of my purse all over the cafe while wiping myself. Finally, 15 minutes passed, and I get on the 9am shuttle. I figured, I might just be 5 minutes late to the meeting, but since people start meeting late all the time, this just might be my lucky day. To my dismay, the lights, at every single block, turns red right when the shuttle approached. A usual 5 minute ride turned into 10.

Once I got to the office, I had my badge prepared to open the door. BUT....my badge no longer works. So there I was, standing at the door, with my bag in one hand, coffee in the other helplessly hoping for another employee to let me in.

Finally, I get in, joined the meeting late while catching my breath. While no one else seemed to care that I was a few minutes late, I felt miserable! I did everything I could to try to offset delays- I got up early, I hopped an early train, I wore "running" shoes on purpose in case I needed to dash for the shuttle, and still.....I arrived 11 minutes late. Not to mention I now am wearing a huge brown stain on my pink sweater.

Hope the day gets better from here on.

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Anonymous said...

Do you work in Macromedia/Adobe ;)