Monday, October 02, 2006

Example of a BART rule breaker

I saw a woman today who had broken most of the BART rules and etiquettes that I am aware of in the short 30 minutes that I had observed her from afar.

First, she stood on the left side of the escalator while blocking the right side with her bags. Then, she sat in the handicapped reserved seats as several elderly passengers were walking in. Later, she took her boots off and stretched her legs out while blocking substantial standing room. After that, she took out a croissant with egg and cheese from her bag and a jug of beverage and enjoyed her breakfast during the ride. Finally, she almost blocked a door from closing because she was still putting her boots back on as people were exiting.

I guess when someone has total disregard for rules and etiquette, they really just don't care.

But at least she paid a ticket to get in instead of walking through the side doors! That's something!

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