Thursday, May 03, 2007

580 ramp will be rebuilt within 2 months

Wow, by June 29th? That's a lot quicker than I thought. I was expecting 6 months at least. This is a great example of organizations, decision-makers and resources pulling together to get something done quickly and effectively. Here's what Caltrans spokesperson said about the time table.

We'll see what ends up happening, and if they actually meet this timeline, but for now, this time table seems extremely reasonable, even impressive. Makes me feel more confident about the state of CA being able to handle disasters in a timely fashion, when necessary.

I understand this is not close to being a true "disaster" but it's good to know that we are able to plan around a state of emergency. Whether it's a terrible earthquake (knocking on wood this second to keep it away), weather-related disaster or something worse, it is a positive that California appears to be headed towards getting an above-passing grade on this 580-80 connector meltdown setback. It would be nice to have BART back to normal capacity when people are back on the freeway.

**Quick unrelated update: Congratulations to the Warriors!! What a game, effort,and heart! Special congrats to Bruins Baron Davis and Matt Barnes! Hope the Warriors can carry this momentum and energy all the way!

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Anonymous said...

You write "It would be nice to have BART back to normal capacity when people are back on the freeway." No, it would be better if most of these folks stayed with transit. BART could if they wanted increase both train length and frequency on some routes.