Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alcohol breath, but in the morning??

It's not uncommon to smell alcohol in people's breath on BART, especially in the late afternoons as people are coming home from happy hour or whatver.

This morning, however, at 8:15am, I sat next to a passenger, a professional, clean-cut looking middle aged man with a suit, tie and high-end briefcase, smelling like he just spent over $200 in a bar. I didn't even need to try to smell the alcochol. The drunken scent was all over. I felt like I was in a return flight from Las Vegas.



Josh said...

You should have smelled the crowd coming home from Kaboom on Saturday. Maybe on Monday morning you still could... That reminds me... There is a regular that I see in the morning. Very unassuming looking fellow, dressed in typical SF tech casual... you can smell the mari-roma cloud follow him every time he gets on the train. Obviously, every day he has a wake-and-bake routine, and he either makes no effort to be discreet about it, or is completely unaware. I even once overheard somebody comment "It smells like skunk in here!"Njyu

Rafael said...

I can top that. There is a Hispanic gentleman who gets on everyday in the mornings at the south city station going north who smells like 80's cologne. I swear this guy must of gotten the deal of deals to buy that amount of 80's cologne. I do know that 80's cologne smell anywhere. Remember, one time or another we all smelled like Drakkar Noir. Sir, if you are reading this please, please, please, put on just a little - do not swim in the stuff.