Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's hard not to believe in karma. On the way home today, the train was completely packed. I got on at Civic Center so I was able to get a seat. Right across from me was a seat left empty and if you take a closer look, you'll realize why. The seat was filled with WET sunflower seed shells. The shells, some mangled with teeth marks, were all over the seat. You can tell they were sticky from the wetness. Some previous passenger with no class apparently decided to spit out shells onto that seat. Anyhow, as we past Powell and then Montgomery, people walked towards the seat, saw the scattered wet mess, and opted to stand.

At Embarcadero, one stocky man rudely pushed his way through the crowd, yelling, "out of my way, excuse me" in an impatient tone, as if other passengers owed him something. He saw the empty seat, and felt that it was his right to take it while shoving others aside. In his haste, he sat down! I would have warned anyone else but not him- he deserved it!!!

He got up at MacArthur and once again, rudely pushed his way through. I took a glance at his butt (didn't want to but wanted to get a good laugh). As expected, at least 20 dirty spit-out shells embellished his black pants.

Haha! That's what he gets for being such a rude jerk on BART.


Anonymous said...

You really have to love Karma!! ON the other hand, you really have to hate the fact, BART Police does such a crappy job, of enforcing the no eatting rule! I myself, would settle for them walking through a train now and again!

Hey BART Management, "How about having BART Police at least be visible from time to time!"

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Anonymous said...

I guess BART Management does not care about the professional comuter! If they did BART Police would actually do their jobs!