Monday, May 14, 2007

Too smooth to be true

Is it just me or has BART been unusually on-time lately? I almost stopped myself from writing that because now that I've declared BART to be usually on-time, I might have jinxed the on-time streak and will be waiting on the platform tomorrow, then squeezing into a late and crowded train, while missing my shuttle stop at Civic Center.

Hope that's not the case. It sure has been nice to walk up the pair of stairs to read on the scrolling bulletin that the train will arrive right on schedule. I don't have to frantically and impatiently look at my watch every 2 minutes trying to estimate just how brief of a time I have between my Civic Center arrival and my companys shuttle pick-up. If I have one minute in between, I know to roll up my pants a bit, tie my hair back to prepare for a lightning speed sprint up the escalators. If I have under 30 seconds, forget it, I'll just slowly ride the escalators, get a cup of coffee at Starbucks and wait until the next shuttle stop....waste of time!

So, let's hope this on-time streak continues for all of us. If it ends tomorrow, I guess you can blame it on this blog jinx....and count that I will never write about how on-time BART is again!


dndgirl said...

Disabled train at Oakland West this morning. 'Nuff said.

bartmusings said...

Yep, it never fails! It appears that I did jinx the on-time streak. Terrible!! Can't I even pay a compliment to BART without fearing that it'll backfire??