Thursday, May 24, 2007

Would you eat that?

I wasn't feeling too well during yesterday's ride home from work. I felt like throwing up, I felt light-headed, and the body odors and muskiness around me due to the heat wasn't helping at all! I was dying to chew on something sour and sweet to stop the urge to puke. Suddenly, I realized that I might actually have a green apple jolly rancher in my bag somewhere, left from a few weeks ago.

I was pretty desperate. I hate stale candy but I actually felt like I needed to have that sour taste in my mouth to get throught the BART ride.

I flipped things around in my large computer bag and finally dug out the unshapely jolly rancher candy. It was hard to unwrap- the wrapper had somehow melted onto the candy. But I didn't care, I was determined to get the wrapper off so I can eat this!

As I was nearing the final stages of taking off the last bit of plastic, the jolly rancher rolled off my fingers and onto the seat! I thought about eating it, but then images of the disgusting people who I've encountered on BART rushed through my head. Pictures of dirty clothes, dirty hands, dirty nails, coughs, sneezes..etc were overwelming my brain.

I just could not eat it. It would have been too disgusting. I ended up feeling sick the rest of the ride...but don't worry, I didn't throw up.


Anonymous said...

Smart thinkin'! You would've gotten way more sick if you'd eaten it...eew!

Anonymous said...

So much for the 3 second rule.

Anonymous said...

good thing you didn't eat... you would have gotten the west nile or ebola virus for sure. at the very least you would have gotten TB.

Anonymous said...

You should have licked the part that touch the seat, spit, and ate it anyway. It's like sucking poison out of a snake bite.