Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In Chicago for work

I've been in Chicago since Sunday for work. I love Chicago. It's definitely not my first time here but I always find the city charming and full of life and and personality. Not to mention, I think the food is superb. Cubs mania is everywhere, especially right now. While I always try to check out the public transit while I travel, in order to compare it with BART, I did not have a chance to ride the L. Although judging by the way it looked, BART sure looks like a limousine. I'm sure it's quite functional so I shouldn't put it down based on its worn out exterior!

Looking forward to going home in 2 days. Of course, I took BART to SFO on Sunday, skipping right over the 49ers game traffic! I saved my husband 2 hours of driving roundtrip at least, with the terrible pre-game traffic. Yet another positive to riding BART to the airport.


Anonymous said...

It serves its purpose and I believe is still far less expensive than BART. The exterior and interior probably appear more deteriorated because of the elements, 4 actual seasons versus heat and a "rainy" season here.

Anonymous said...

yeah, BART is a carpeted limo, but CTA has some service 24/7, has a decent fare structure including unlimited passes, and absent the Yellow Line much shorter time between trains. a "stripper cheapy" for sure BUT way better service.`