Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I look sick?

This never happened to me before. A woman who was exiting the train at MacArthur went out of her way to grab me and said, "You look sick, here, take my seat, I am leaving."

It is true that I'm feeling a bit of a cold coming but I didn't think it was visible. Do I look that awful today? Maybe she just wanted to give the seat to a female and had to come up with a reason why?

Regardless, I appreciated it. It was nice to sit down. I haven't had a seat en-route to SF for a few weeks. It's been increasingly crowded these days.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the row of staples through your eyebrow, and the "Satan Uber Alles" tattoo encircling your neck. Yes, you look sick.

Oh, that wasn't you? Never mind.

Honey B said...

Heh heh. I was on a jam-packed bus going back to the east bay over the bridge a few years ago, and I started to feel really nauseous for no reason - I think because it was crowded, all the windows were closed, and it was hot. So I asked this guy sitting down if I could use his seat, or I was going to throw up. You should have seen how fast he moved!