Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If only BART can be like this everyday

My BART experience today was incredible. I missed my usual train but 1 minute later, an near empty train arrives with clean new floors and clean plastic seats! No one was waiting on the platform since the previous train had just departed. I walked in, sat down across 2 seats (since it was empty!) and even stretched out my legs!

The train operator was loud and clear, the train even made up time and arrived right on time as if I didn't miss a previous train, and the train never got crowded.

It was the best BART experience I've ever had! Now I know this probably won't happen again but it was nice to walk right in to an arriving train, have plenty of empty and clean seats to pick from, have enough room around me to relax and extend my legs, hear a TO who can speak clearly, and have the train arrive right on time!

Was I dreaming? (No, but it sure seemed like one)


Bill Dailey said...

I haven't had the empty train experience lately, but I have had some really great train operators the last week or so. The one this morning made us all laugh (that doesn't happen often on BART) -- his announcement was something like "Welcome to San Francisco. Next stop is Embarcadero Station. Please look around you and make sure you have everything with you. Anything left on the train will be evenly divided between the remaining customers..".. Amazing how a little humor can make the commute better.

bartmusings said...

That's pretty funny-- just enough humor to brighten up the day but not overboard! There was one T.O. awhile back (haven't encountered her for quite some time) who was way too much- she sang at almost every stop- and would comment on the weather, fog, traffic...anything! It was too much talking although we all knew she had good intentions.

Anonymous said...

That T.O gets annoying Bill, if you happen to have him all week.