Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More hanging straps needed in the demo cars

I think the new BART train set-up is great! Love the plastic slip-resistant floors, more standing room around the doors, and the hanging straps. However, I noticed today that when it's crowded, the few hanging straps were not enough. There are a lot of people who cannot comfortably reach up to the overhead poles, so the hanging straps are definitely needed. But three on each side is certainly not enough. The straps are the first things standing female passengers go to when there are no seat handles left to hold (including yours truly) and the straps are certainly not meant to be shared, well, at least I'm not willing to hold the same strap as someone else.

So my advice is...add more hanging straps! There are a ton of people who are under 5'6" and cannot comfortably reach the overhead poles.

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Anonymous said...

Learn to surf. That way you don't have to touch anything.