Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No privacy, no problem!

I always think it's quite interesting how some people can carry on phone conversation during BART rides. On few occasions, I've had to take work calls and even fewer occasions, personal calls to quickly arrange pick-up at the BART station. I generally don't like people around me being forced to hear me talk, or simply just knowing anything about my life.

Last night, in a crowded train, a sharp and loud ringtone disrupts the humming of the running train. Everyone looks at the young, stylish woman who picked up.

Without any shyness, she shares some major news with about 30 people around her...here it goes. (Some portions omitted for privacy)

Hi! Oh my god! I want to talk to you so bad!
I'm pregnant! Just found out 2 days ago! (everyone turns to look at her)
Yes, we're excited.
No, that's the funny thing, we didn't plan this at all. (everyone looks at her again)
I don't know, I guess (not sure what she was referring to here)
Yeah, let's do it! I need another girl's night out before I get big.
(Then she just goes on about other things)

I would not have been able to have that conversation in a crowded train. It's way to private for me! But no harm done, I am excited for her, although she has no idea.


SongMonk said...

(Some portions omitted for privacy)

I find this very amusing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's very sad & pathetic what people force others to endure on their otherwise happily uneventful BART ride. About 6 months ago, there was a lady sitting in front of me, trying to impress upon her significant other that she was not cheating on him. Gym visits were just that - gym visits, working late was just that - working late, etc, etc (she was also practically crying). I felt really bad for her. I so wanted to tell her that 1, she shouldn't be having that type of conversation in such a public place, and 2, if the sig-other really, really didn't believe her, and she was indeed telling the truth, then the sig-other didn't deserve her. She should've just waited until she got to her location to have the conversation, not on BART.

Anonymous said...

Performance artist, maybe? Sometimes a round of applause seems the appropriate response. Why didn't you congratulate her? :)