Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wet seat = tainted seat

There was an empty seat today amidst a crowded train. When situations like that happen, you just know there must be something wrong with the seat before seeing it. This one had a wet circle with a wet napkin on top of it. Throughout the entire ride, the seat was left unoccupied. People walked in, gravitated towards the one empty seats, saw the wetness, and remained standing.

Just when I thought no one in their right minds would sit down on this wet seat and risk sporting a wet stain right in the middle of their rear, a young man in light blue denim looks at it, shrugs, and plants himself on top of it.

I never got to see whether he had a stain or not. But knowing the color of the denim, and that denim is very absorbent, I am willing to bet that the back of his jeans certainly sported a lovely wet spot for at least 1 hour.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes when i'm on a crowded train, i like to spill something on a random seat just for the satisfaction of watching entitled women glare at the seat and judge people who contemplate sitting down in the mess i've created.