Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spare the Air brings out all sorts of interesting people

With BART free until noon today, we had the pleasure of seeing many different types of people on the train today.

Let me name a few examples for you:

-Kids who are out of school and just looking for a place to hangout
-First time BART riders with several maps and brochures in hand and ask everyone around them if this train goes to SF
-Lots of moms with strollers. Cute but also take up a lot of space during commute peak times
-Large groups of senior citizens. They must be taking a field trip together from the same senior homes. All have fanny packs, cameras on hand
-New riders/day trippers who started their picnics early while on BART
- New riders who can't even tell which side of the platform is the side they need and holds the door open while they find out


Anonymous said...

I boarded at N. Concord today and the TO opened the door as told those of us in the lead car the HVAC was not working and if you wanted a cooler car to move. Thought that was courteous, he did that through Walnut Creek.

At Concord, a famil(?) got on with 7 in their party, two which were kids under 10, a teenager and an infant in a carrying thing. There was a total of 12 pieces of luggage.

Of course they took up the entire area around the door with their 12 bags, 4 of which were the size of 4' long duffel bags.

It was fairly obvious they were first timers today, with no concept of how to ride or where to stand or to even move out of the doorways when approaching stations. I had to excuse myself and push out of the train.

Oh, did I mention it was a 5 car train? Not that it really matters...

Anonymous said...

Ever since that all-day free rides debacle 2 years ago, I work from home on any free-transit day. I just couldn't tolerate the riff raff, and every clueless Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Anonymous said...

Riff Raff?

Sounds like someone has forgotten that BART is a regional *public* rail system, not a hall-monitored commuters-only shuttle.

Everyone should behave politely on BART, and no one should be so rude as to call their fellow citizens riff-raff.