Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a good kid!

Every so often, you see something that you just don't see enough, but it gives you hope that there is still good out there. Too often you see people in the disabled seats, pretending to be asleep, pretending to be completely engrossed in their Blackberry or Treo, or pretending to have a magazine that just happens to block their view, while a frail elderly woman is having a tough time balancing as the train moves.

I saw a kid in the disabled seat, probably high school age, with a loud iPod blasting, wearing clothes so baggy it's practically slipping off his body. I was too quick to judge. I saw a shaky, frail elderly man walk in, in need of a seat. I didn't think the kid would react and assumed that he would just continue to listen to his music without a care in the world. It's a scene I've seen too many times.

But I was wrong. This kid immediately got up. Not only did he offer his seat, he helped the old man into the seat, and helped position the old man's bags next to his legs. He was polite and genuinely caring.

It was really nice to see. I guess too often I've seen the opposite and I've sort of lost "hope". I get up for anyone who appears to need a seat, or on a few occasions, when I have no seat to give, I help someone find a seat. Probably fewer than 25% of passengers do that, sometimes it seems to be more like 10% of passengers. With the younger generation, I seldom see them do the "right" thing. But I was very happy to be wrong this time. There are still good and responsible kids out there who aren't selfish and genuinely care for the well being of others.

It was great to see!


Anonymous said...

It amazes me that this entry didn't have a single comment. No had good things to say..? I'm glad there are still great ones out there. I was on a train this weekend with a bunch of 13-ish skater boys. An older man got on and completely ignored a kid that offered to move so the man could take the seet next to him. Unfortunately we tend to expect less of youth. So much that we ignore the rare moments when they surprise us.

bartmusings said...

Thanks for acknowledging this post and also sharing another good story. You are right, positive posts don't quite generate the same response from folks, but no matter, I will always write the good and the bad. I was moved by this observation and taken by how wrong I was in my assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

Having recently moved here and commuting to the city on BART everyday makes me shake my head from the time I enter the Ashby station to the time I leave it from the shenanigans I witness.

Keep up the good work.