Thursday, August 14, 2008

Were you affected by the cracked rail this morning??

Luckily, today was my San Jose day...I go to SJ once a week since most of my department is based there.

I heard the delays were pretty horrendous this morning, platforms were packed beyond standing room capacity, passengers were confused and frustrated, tourists demanding refunds, kids crying and screaming, and no one could easily figure out what was going on since the announcements over the PA were inaudible and BART personnel were not readily available to answer questions. With the heat, I can only imagine how bad things were.

Were you personally affected too? How bad was it?

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Anonymous said...

No, thankfully I was off and did not have deal with this problem. Talk about a "wrong turn" being a problem a "cracked rail" is a bigger problem, regardless of where it happens in the system.

Some areas are better than others with respects to single track around the problem because of close available interlockings. If it happens downtown, it is a bigger headache not only for patrons, but those at BART who need to deal with the situation in order to get it resolved.