Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Coliseum? A destination?

Saw a couple tourists today taking advantage of BART to sight see. Aside from SF downtown, I'm not sure where else you would want to go to. Anyhow, they were looking at the BART routes and realized that they needed to transfer because they looked confused. They looked around to see who they can direct their question to, and I guess I looked friendly enough.

They asked, "We want to see the Coliseum. How do we get there?" I told them they needed to transfer at MacArthur. Inside my head, I was initially wondering, why on earth would anyone pick the Coliseum as a tourist destination? Then, I realized, well, maybe they've never seen an American football stadium, or maybe they wanted to take a picture of the Raiders logo because Raiders are an international brand and people all over the world wear Raiders jerseys.

It was just interesting to me that they make a point to visit the Coliseum. Now, the Coliseum in Rome is a different story...amazing and symbolic monument. I guess some could say the same about the Oakland Coliseum.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope they do not get shot or mugged at the BART Coliseum Station. Lot's of the "baggy-pants" crowd hanging about that area. Very scary!