Monday, April 20, 2009

iBART app very cool

I've had an iPhone for 8 months now and FINALLY, I downloaded a BART app for it. It very quickly provided me with live schedules and advisories (versus logging onto the Internet with my computer or laptop to check the status) and saved me 14 minutes today which I used to stay at home and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you haven't downloaded it already, I highly recommend it.


SongMonk said...

I had been taking advantage of the BART website for mobiles, but I didn't know about the iBart iPhone app. I'll go check it out. Thanks!

SongMonk said...

Two minutes later I have downloaded it and checked it out, and that is a very cool app!

Anonymous said...

Avoid. This app is unreliable. It very often reports that no trips are available when they really are, especially when transfers are involved. I've tested the very same trip (start, end, time) and gotten different results. It's fine for a simple trip with no transfer, but useless for anything else.

David Hodge said...

Glad you guys like the app.

One comment about the reliability comment from "Anonymous"... We've seen some rare cases with complex trips where the results could not be found. We've only seen this in trips that require more then on transfer. Anyway, thanks for reporting the issue. We're working on a trip planner update to address it.


David Hodge