Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is the swine flu making you more aware of those around you on the train?

I've always been very cautious of sicklings on the train. In cramped conditions, you can feel the air from someone's cough. I don't want to repeat what I've written before but I've seen many many hands wipe a wet nose or cover a cough and then go straight to the safety bar. It's expected...it's mass transit.

With the swine flu outbreak, I'm definitely more cautious of every sneeze, cough and wipe around me. I'm constantly dipping my hands in Purell and starting to see more people doing so.

People seem to take the swine flu lightly because of the initial mild symptoms but if the virus continues to spread, it will cause death. I see and hear people make swine flu jokes-- I only hope we can still laugh about it 2 weeks from now.

I've taken public transit in Asia where wearing masks is the norm. I wonder if we'll ever get to that point...I hope not!! Out of curiosity, I looked closely at one of the masks in our first aid kit at home. I was surprised to find out that while it prevents germs from spreading to others, it does not protect the wearer whatsoever.

If you're sick, stay home, if you're worse, go see a doctor. Just don't come into work and get the rest of us sick.

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