Friday, August 14, 2009

AMU BART employee responds to BART strike backlash...

"The next time the 350 ton BART train gets you there safely, remember you thought the train operator wasn't worth his salary." (Quote taken from CBS5)

How self righteous and out of line!!! Isn't it their job to get us there safely? Should they win a medal for it? Should they be recognized too for announcing the right stations at the right time, and open doors upon arrival?

Oh, excuse me, sir, I'm so very sorry, I owe my life (and my BART fares and taxes!!) to you so you can make double the average Bay Area salary.


Anonymous said...

BART needs to go union busting and fire all these bastards. Who do they think they are? God? What about all the other people who operate heavy machinery? I don't see them asking for an award for doing their jobs.

It just shows how out of touch & uneducated these people really are. I guess they think that their Ivy League GED makes them entitled to more $$$.

Anonymous said...

BART Musings actually is protecting real working people from the selfishness and excesses of BART employees. Read the papers and you'll see that public sentiment is NOT on the side of these (you) greedy BART employees.

Anonymous said...

It's actually my understanding is that BART trains are computer run, the train operator is there as a failsafe.

Anonymous said...

my desk job is harder than what these jerks do

let them open up the jobs for the public to apply

i would be happy to do what they do for a fraction of the pay and would not abuse over time to double my salary like so many of them do

Erik said...

That guy sounds like he is threatening to crash trains if we don't pay him what he wants.

Boopiejones said...

"You riders better be careful. If you complain too loudly, who knows what might happen..."

These Union workers are no better than mafia thugs demanding "protection" money from their riders.

I say let 'em strike, and fire the lot of them. Anybody who isn't willing to work in this economy can easily be replaced.

Anonymous said...

"Three quarters of you are scum that deserve to fall on the tracks."

Fuck off and die, you greedy asshole.
What kind of dipshit thinks he deserves $96k for sitting in a fucking glass box all day and acting like an asshole to his customers?

Oh yeah, a dipshit BART Station Agent with a GED.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand that a small bunch of very disgruntled employees happen to have the power to shut down the Bay Area's economy and it makes them drunk with power.

What this T/O wrote is a good example of what BART operations employees think of the public they are supposed to serve. They don't give a damn about you.

If you really want to put a stop to this, contact your state elected officials in the legislature and in the senate and let them know that BART empoyees should not be permitted to strike and that you are willing to not support them if they don't do something about it.

Curious Commuter said...

How does pushing a button and announcing station names save lives?

Do these employees really not understand that their jobs could be done by robots or trained monkeys?

Unknown said...

1. Strikes should be illegal
2. Fire all train operators
3. Substitute them with robots
4. Announcements of the stations should have been automated 5 years ago!
5. Fire person who authorized new seats.
6. with all saved money: train with other transportations agencies all over the world (including 3rd world countries) how to make train doors that won't brake every 10 minutes!
7. use #6 for broken escalators
8. remove the fucking carpet on all trains!
9.Fire BARTs CFO for all this "budgeting" for the last few years and hire a professional.
10. With all the above you can at least NOT RAISE bart ticket prices for several years!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all the hysteria is about.

I recently completed an art course at CCSF wherein the instructor made OVER $90K a year in salary, NOT counting a FAT pension and generous benefits package with all the bells and whistles. He never clocked in more than 8 hours on any given day, and only showed up Monday - Thursday mind you. This resulted in, quite ostensibly much, much less than 52 weeks per year on the clock .

The city and county pays 99% of it's personnel on the dole there OVER $50k per year, plus benefits similar to those above, and they think they're doing you a big favor showing up for work to eat their lunch, occasionally answer the phone, and provide often times rude and/or erroneous information!
To add insult to injury, most all of these folk take those payroll checks and spend them in other counties.
If you want to get/see the entire payroll for city college for the last year or two like I did, thanks to the sunshine ordinance(s),contact donald lind at 415-241-2338:

Tell him I sent you ;LOL !

By the way the is typical, and they are affiliated with SEIU (local 2121)