Monday, August 31, 2009

85% says that BART does not care enough about customer service

My "non-representative" and "un-scientific" poll has closed. Just want to call that out since I've gotten comments and emails about how these poll results cannot be used as supporting data. It is simply a survey for the BARTMusings readers-- I'm not claiming that it is an AP poll by any means!!

Now, the topic at hand. 85% voted that BART does not care enough about customer service, and a surprising 14% (a bit higher than I expected, although not so surprising as many BART employees do visit this blog) voted that BART does care enough.

What I plan to do is post this survey a year from now and see if BART has made any improvements. You have a year, BART, to make us think differently.


Anonymous said...

DON'T hold your breath!

Anonymous said...

In the past week I have ridden very crowded trains in the morning and at night with multiple bicycles on one end. One almost ran over me getting off the train one morning. Another woman and I complained to the agent. He just forced his way through passengers.

I also rode home on a crowded train with a standard poodle that was not a service animal. Standards are big dogs. The dog sniffed up everybody near it and the owner did not pull the leash in or make the dog sit down until halfway through the transbay tunnel when one woman told him she didn't like dogs. Another woman told him dogs were not allowed on the train.

Bikes now ride on the trains at all hours whether cars are crowded or not. This is the second non service dog I've seen on the train over the summer.

Everyone knows the bikes are a problem and the police don't do anything. The train operators claim they don't see the bikes but I don't believe it. And eating on trains is a big problem. All you have to do is look at the floor. Now we have to worry about stepping over dog poop.

Brian said...

Overpaid union thugs continue to be bad at their jobs.

Is anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

Granted BART has an obligation to provide Customer Service and the way the system is designed...BART does a pretty good job! Remember people! BART is a public P-U-B-L-I-C entity! Which means you, me, us them...whomever also has an obligation to police ourselves (The Public). If you see a problem. TELL SOMEONE! Or, Pick it up, put it up in the trash! Pick up after yourself! Oh! That's right, its not your problem...its BART's problem. With this mentality...enjoy that pile of shit you're about to sit in!!!