Thursday, August 13, 2009

Union rejects offer, BART strike looming again

Amalgamated Transit Union rejected management's latest offer and threatens to strike as soon as Friday.

I'm really about to lose my self censorship and professionalism here. What is the point of "negotiations" if no compromise has been made? The unions cannot expect one side to concede completely. This is ridiculous! How self-righteous can they be????

Two other unions agreed to the latest offer. Is there anyway for BART to replace the workers of the ATU? Is there a contingency plan?

Like I've said before, with some proper training and similar background, these workers are 100% replaceable.


Anonymous said...

I agree with these comments from SFGate's piece:
"How can it take 4-6 mos to train a 'train operator'. I've watched them work. It would take me one week to learn this job! The trains are automated. You learn safety, escape routes. You learn to close and open doors. You learn to make stop announcements etc. Someone please publish on the web the operators manual. We can all study and start on Saturday."

Anonymous said...

i really hope they fire everyone and start over sans union. BART station agents that i've seen are some of the laziest folks i've seen.

Anonymous said...

Agreed completely.

I would LOVE to have a job as at TO or an SA, and I would do it for less than they do it right now.

I'm a quick learner, I can start full-time next week if they want, and I'll gladly do it for $48k, which is way lower than what those jerks make, but would still be a $10k RAISE for me!