Thursday, December 01, 2005

BART on rainy days

It's been raining hard the past couple of days, especially today! Rainy days are not pretty for BART commuters. BART is rarely able to keep up the schedule when it's pouring, and the train ride itself is much uglier when it's raining. For one, everyone is either carrying a dripping wet umbrella or a drenched raincoat, or just plain wet and stinky. Due to the delays, the trains are always over-packed! And due to the overcrowdedness, the windows fog up, the train gets uncomfortably warm with a layer of sweaty scent, since it is so hot inside the train. from too many bodies.

There is just nothing like walking into a completely foggy foggy that you can't see through the windows at all. You will read all sorts of backwards writing (using a finger) from bored passengers inside the train. I can read "olleh", "em evas", or even "uoy kcuf". Occasionally, you'd see someone smart enough to write backwards so their immature message can be read by those of us lining up for the train.

Today was a miserably crowded ride with wet and grouchy people. Several people shook their excess umbrella water in the crowded train, and got my face all wet! After that, the person standing next to me kept his drenched raincoat on during the ride and invaded my space as the train got crowded and got my wool coat wet! Not to mention I was 5 minutes late to my new job due to the BART delays.

I sure hope it dries up soon!

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