Tuesday, December 06, 2005

getting the last seat in a crowded train is like...

finding a $20 on the street! Yes, it feels that good!! When you are the 8th person out of 15 people lining up in front of one train car, and as the train approaches, you spot just a few empty seats so you assume that you won't be one of the lucky 3 or 4 who enter the train first. This was me today! There were at least 7 people lining up in front of me today to get in to the train car. Instantly, I thought, crap, another standing trip to SF for me with people breathing on me. However, 4 people inmy line just happened to turn to the side of the train without empty seats (they don't have the eagle eyes that I have when it comes to spotting empty seats), and another in front of me just happened to walk inside too slowly and lost his "place" in line. I saw the last seat there, and without making any eye contact with other passengers around me, I sat down! I felt so lucky and so grateful...like I won some kind of small jackpot.

Quickly, the train filled up! Every square foot was occupied! But there I was...SITTING, not standing, and reading a book.

I felt lucky, happy, relieved, and proud to get that last seat. Why proud you ask? Well, for me to get that last empty seat, it meant that I left the house at the right time, I parked fast enough, and jogged up the escalators quickly enough to be the 8th, not 9th person in line!

See the little things that make you foolishly happy when you ride BART?

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