Monday, December 12, 2005

love is blind

wow, shocking observation today. first, to those of you who are quick to judge, i know this entry may sound bad, but believe me, i know and respect that appearance is not the reason why couples get together and live happily ever after!

now, on to my story. ever since my new job, i've been enjoying bart a little tiny bit more. the ride is 5 minutes shorter now each way, and i don't have to run up 4 flights of stairs to try to catch a connecting shuttle. this morning, i caught a peculiar sight while i was taking a break from my reading. i saw an above-avereage looking man, well-groomed, slender, tall, holding an expensive briefcase, and nicely dressed in a suit walk into the train. then, i saw a grungy, messy-haired, multi-layered sox over birkinstocks and hole-filled sweater wearing, not to mention below-average looking woman holding on to his back. my first thought was, whoa, poor man, who is that weird-looking stranger grasping on to him? what is he going to do to get rid of her?

then...i saw him holding on to her back, and letting her take the last seat! the whole time, he had one hand on her shoulder and they whispered to each other. cute couple interactions...i must say, but i certainly was surprised by the pairing. of course, being an observer, that is all i can go by. sure, they looked like an odd match (a very very odd one), but i am sure there is much more to their pairing than just looks.

it's really refreshing that there still are people in this world who can look beyond appearances and fall in love for what's inside.

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