Thursday, December 15, 2005

Horrible delays today

Today is one of those days that I ask taking BART really a better option than braving the Bay Bridge traffic??

It was 43 degrees in Lafayette at 8:15am, and I was standing out there in the cold (and very windy conditions) waiting for the BART train to arrive. NO train came by for 25 minutes! And we got NO explanation why there's such a delay.

Then, a train zipped by..and the monitors said "TRAIN WON'T STOP" while ther are probably over 250 of us waiting to get to work (about 25 people waiting per cart line.) Finally, 25 minutes late, a completely packed train arrives. Only 3 of us could fit in there. I had to get to work, so I squeezed in despite other people's grumblings to fit another body in the train.

The entire ride, I stared right into another man's face. It was beyond crowded. I was practically holding hands with another passenger on the safety pole because there were too many hands that needed to hold on to the pole.

There is a happy ending, however. I happened to be standing in front of a seated passenger who got up at downtown Oakland. I sat down as soon as she got up and enjoyed reading my new US Weekly the rest of the way.

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