Thursday, January 12, 2006

innocent until proven guilty

Very interesting observation today on BART ride home today. I am not going to make any judgments because one is innocent until proven guilty, right?

On a very crowded train this evening, two people caught my attention. No one ever talks on BART- people are usually sleeping, reading, listening to music, checking their treos/blackberries, or just staring into space. So, whenever people talk to each other (or on the phone), they have to just assume that the entire train is listening.

A man who appear to be in his late 30s and a woman in her late 20s perhaps, both sharpy dressed in a suit, each carrying a leather brief case, were talking to each other. In my first glance, I instantly assumed they are a couple, whether dating, engaged, or married, because of the way they were talking to one another. They were standing very closely, with arms touching, leaning towards each other, laughing, flirting, and seemed very comfortable. In a couple instances, she dusted lint off his jacket, and he held her purse while she took off her coat. Cool, I thought, they are lucky...I wish I can ride BART with my husband too since that would make the ride a lot more tolerable.

But then, I started listening to their conversation. (No, I wasn't being nosey! No one else was talking on BART so their conversation stood out. Besides, they were standing next to my seat.)The man was speaking loud enough that I could clearly hear what he was saying. I kept on hearing, "well, my mother in-law would probably...." and a few more times about "my mother in-law" and "my family over the holidays." I thought that was very strange. Why would he refer to his mother in-law in such way if he's talking to the woman he is married to? Wouldn't his mother in-law be her mom?

I then started looking for wedding bands. He had one, she didn't. It doens't mean that they are not married but it sure is fishy. Out of boredom, I started over-analyzing. Maybe he's her boss and they just got off work (since they were talking about work too), hence the age difference. Maybe she's one of those "younger women" who like to go after her boss? She did look like she was very much in love and in admiration, with her puppy eyes gazing into his and leaning close to him.

Whatever their relationship was, it was suspicious. The "mother in-law" and "my family" comments really threw me off. I do very much look down on those who cheat, but I hope in this case (for the real wife's sake), that was not the case and he remains devoted to his wife, if that woman is not her.

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