Tuesday, January 10, 2006

thank you, young woman in the beige jacket, brown bag, and pony tail

I sprained my ankle over the weekend and had to come into the work yesterday with a cane to shift the weight off my left ankle. I am normally a very fast walker and one of those people who run up the escalators instead of standing along for the ride. It was very frustrating and very tiring to be hobbling around with a cane. It took me 10 minutes to walk a distance that usually takes me 3.

On my way to work, the train was crowded. I knew instantly that there weren't any seats left for me to rest my legs, but yet, I was too proud to look like I needed one or ask someone if I can take their seat. I do have one good leg left and I definitely could stand. But as the train started moving and stopping, it was evident that I had some trouble balancing. Still, I made every attempt to look like I can handle it. But inside, I was just wondering how could it be that no one has even asked me if I'd like to sit down? If I had a seat and saw someone noticeably hobbling, I would have definitely asked them to take my seat. So this was a litle disconcerting. Was it because I am young (or at least not an elderly?) Was it because i didn't have a cast on? (I only had ace bandage wrapped around my foot and ankle.) Anyhow, I stood and managed to balance the 30 minute ride into the city.

On the way home, the train was yet again crowded. But a nice woman in a beige jacket, brown bag, and long pony tail instantly offered me her seat. I asked her if she's sure, and expressed my appreciation. I was grateful- I was pretty tired from swinging left and right to take a tiny step. Glad to know that there are still considerate people left in this world.

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FragmentK said...


I just stumbled across your blog. You bust me up.

Say... I'm sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle. If I were on BART and saw you limping with cane in hand, I'd offer my seat to you in a heartbeat - provided, of course, I was occupying one. Number one, I'm the kind of guy that offers seats to women, the elderly, the lame, and so on. Plus, I have a weird "affliction" in the sense that I find women with toe, foot, and ankle injuries very sexy. (I know. I know. It's weird. But I didn't ask for it.)

To that end, would you mind posting a pic of your injured ankle? Seeing a pretty pedicured set of toes protruding from a bandage or cast is an absolute turn-on.

Say... I'm not really the perv I'm making myself out to be. I'm just hurriedly trying to write this before an upcoming meeting.

Anyway... Take care of yourself. And I'll check back often.

-FragmentK, a writer hacking away in Silicon Valley (though I don't use BART much)