Wednesday, January 25, 2006

time for some acknowledgements

Thought I would dedicate today's entry to a couple special recognitions.

There are many dark days on BART, but it is very refreshing when you have a train operator who is cheerful, eloquent, speaks clearly and audibly, updates you whenever the train suddenly comes to a complete stop, and actually knows which station is coming up next! My appreciation goes to the the female train operator for the 8:00am train this morning.

Now, I'd like to make a different type of acknowledgement. My coworker, A.V., shares my sentiments towards BART and public transportation in general. But his recent experiences top any of mine! Poor A.V. was on a BART train with urine on a seat, and just yesterday, while on MUNI (SF public transportation system), he was in the middle (literally, inside the subway train) of a police chase and lost his designer sunglasses through the ordeal.

Lastly, special thanks for reading my rants on BART musings. Writing these entries have been therapeutic!

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